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3 Acorns Eco-audits

Email: contact@3acorns.co.uk

Phone: + 44 (0)20 7703 8748

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Mobile: + 44 (0)7947 884 299

TV / Radio Commentator

Donnachadh McCarthy is a regular environmental commentator and expert on the full range of environmental issues on radio and television.

Programme producers/researchers who wish to get in touch with Donnachadh can do so by calling 07947 884299.

Donnachadh is a Gaelic name, pronounced


it rhymes with 'monika'

The "dh" is not pronounced in Gaelic.

Translates as "brown-warrior"

Picture by Robert Taylor

Television Programmes Donnachadh has appeared on include:

 Radio broadcasts include:



    Donnachadh's environmental work has also been featured in articles in BBC Online, The Independent, The Guardian, The Scotmans, The Herald, The Times, Liberator Magazine, Worcester News, Building for a Future Magazine, Environmental Health News, Southwark News and South London Press.