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Donnachadh has written two books to help you green your home or workplace.

Easy Eco Auditing

by Donnachadh McCarthy

£8.00 plus P&P

The book breaks eco living down into easily managed chunks, including how to change your water usage habits, how to saying goodbye to your rubbish mountain, what you can do to help save and protect your natural environment, green cleaning principles and how to motivate your family, friends and colleagues. With advice on principles to follow both at home and at work, this is the one-stop eco guide everyone must own.

This is the essential handbook for enthusiasts to help green up their school, workplace or home.

“An essential read" – Prima Magazine

 Published by Hamlyn’s Gaia Press


Saving The Planet Without Costing The Earth - 500 Simple Steps To A Greener Lifestyle

By Donnachadh McCarthy

£12.00 plus P&P

"No.1 Environmental Bestseller"– Amazon

Featured in the BBC series "It's Not Easy Being Green" with Dick and Brigit Strawbridge.

In "Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth - 500 Simple Steps to a Greener Lifestyle" author Donnachadh McCarthy lays out the case for urgent environmental action in a range of areas from home maintenance to your workplace and from reducing waste to tackling energy use.

He relates his own experiences in making his lifestyle more planet-friendly in each area, which helps bring the global arguments down to an accessible human level.

At the end of each chapter he lists simple practical steps that you can take in your own life. He also provides a really easy do-it-yourself environmental audit to help you get started and to monitor your success in implementing a greener lifetstyle.

He concludes the book with a description of how he moved from being a classical ballet dancer to being a passionate environmentalist through an unplanned trip into the heart of the Amazon Forest, where he spent time with the Yanomami Indians.

Over 70% of the over 500 suggestions will either cost you nothing or will actually save you money. As Donnachadh says: "Saving the planet does not have to cost the earth".

Donnachadh has set a clear example in his own life with his own home in Peckham being the first private house in London to sell solar electricity to the national grid.

Review Extracts


Chosen by Julia Stephenson, The Independent

"As handy tip books go, Saving the planet without costing the earth...is the best.  Donnachadh writes a lifestyle column for the Independent and really knows his stuff.  Certainly it gave me some new ideas."

George Marshall in his book Carbon Detox.

"The most practical book on the subject that I have read to date."

John Pilgrim, BBC Radio 3 Counties

"A really enjoyable read. Full of fascinating facts. I will never buy another aluminum drinks can!"

Susan Hughes, BBC Radio Scotland.

"Full of down to earth practical ideas."

BBC Radio Leicester

"Donnachadh had reinvented the genre and brought a breath of fresh air to it."

David Boyle, LD News.

"Fortunately, I have Donnachadh McCarthy's Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth, which is packed full of gossipy, easy-to-implement eco-tips."

Juliet Stephenson, Green columnist, The Independent

"Buy it, read it and do it. The world will be a better place because of it."

Mark Hinnells, Challenge Magazine

"I realise that many of my day-to-day habits are already a small step towards living a green lifestyle and with a little thought it is not hard to make a small difference. I may not be an eco-warrior but I will certainly keep trying to be a friend of the earth. "

(After living the Saving the Planet Without Costing the Earth lifestyle.)

Alison Freeman, BBC Online  

Link to: full article on BBC Online